About Us

Preston City Taxis is a Licensed Taxis From Preston City Council. We have drivers who have been DBS cleared and Drivers Badge issued by Preston City Council. Our fleet has been licensed by Preston City Council.All our Drivers are experience so they know in and around Preston.

We take customer to anywhere in Preston or out of Preston like Blackpool, Warton & Salmesbury (BAE) , Leyland, Walton Summit, Lancaster, Blackburn ,Long ridge, Chipping, Stonyhurst Boarding School, Lancaster University and UCLAN.

We also  do Airport Drop off and Pickup.

We also provide courier service.

Preston City Taxis are constantly investing in new ways to improve the customer booking experience. As well as the traditional method of picking up the phone you can book your car online, you book your car using our state of the art Iphone & Android app. Our friendly and helpful drivers will get you to your desired destination, not only on time, but at the best and competitive price!

The Application is the smart way of travelling, all with your smart phone and three little taps. Tap and look for your ride, Tap and book your ride and Tap and complete your ride. Your tap brings the driver to you for the best riding experience of your life, each one better than the previous one.No hassles of direction giving as your driver know exactly where you want to go. Payment completed via your credit card. Just sit back and enjoy your ride!